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TIPS Install commercial fire sprinklers.

Telephone Systems

Atlantic Alarm & Sound offers a line of phone systems specifically designed for commercial applications. The systems are comprised of a completely integrated server-based PBX solution that comes ready for business, right out of the box.

Our phone systems employ industry-standard technology to provide reliable, feature-rich telephony solutions and is one of the most integrated products available on the market today.

More than just a phone system, it's a complete solution with built in:

  • Voicemail
  • Auto-attendant
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Caller ID
  • Digital recordings on hold
  • Computer telephony integration
  • and much more!


Computer Telephony Software

Available software provides a powerful primary answering position for a business with high traffic call activity. It improves a receptionist’s ability to handle calls and allows them to work in other Windows® applications between calls. The technology removes the phone from the desk and puts it inside the computer, handling multiple calls at the same time with powerful capabilities. A PC Card is installed in the computer to provide easy-to-use call processing buttons, icons, and phonebook directories on-screen.

Small Business Phone System

The Ideal Communications Solution for BUSINESS and RESIDENTIAL Applications

Whether you are at work or at home, today’s diverse environments require advanced communications technology to address new and dynamic ways of handling a wide range of voice and data needs. The ability to communicate effectively in your busy office, home office or a modern household demands a reliable and integrated system designed to improve communication over the telephone and the Internet.

Whether you operate a retail business, a multi-branch business, a home office or a simply a busy household, Atlantic Alarm & Sound offers you a scalable, affordable route to communication.

  • Manage multiple devices including digital, wireless and analog, within the same system
  • Utilize the powerful features including voice mail and auto attendant, to better serve clients
  • Reduce expenses and streamline business


Whether you operate your business from a home office, retail area, or from multiple locations in your community, our advanced communications systems are ideal for small businesses such as restaurants, retail, and convenience stores, and professional business services such as law firms, insurance agencies, small health care facilities and more.

Imagine your residence with a single system that can manage a complete range of voice and data requirements over a single network, while offering the feature-rich phone solution that meets the needs of your busy household.

Small Offices
Our systems offer all the features, functionality and reliability expected from the small business telephone system you need today. Rich system features such as voice mail, account codes, auto attendant, courtesy service, day/night service, Caller ID, conference, and speed dial, make it possible to project a large company image in the small business market.

Retail Stores
Retail communications require multi-device options, from analog devices such as credit card terminals and fax machines, to voice/data mobility options—allowing your staff to be more productive. Customize your system to meet your specific business requirements with flexible, cost-effective, modular solutions.


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Atlantic Alarm & Sound | Residential | Alarm Systems | Security Systems | Home Theater | Home Automation | Moncton | Saint John | NB

Atlantic Alarm & Sound | Residential | Alarm Systems | Security Systems | Home Theater | Home Automation | Moncton | Saint John | NB New Brunswick
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